I have always loved baking and decorating, and always dreamed of owning my own bakery.

I’m nowhere near the point of owning my own bakery, but I did finally decide to start

taking “formal” cake decorating classes in February, 2008.


I mainly decorate with buttercream, but I also work with fondant, modelling chocolate

and royal icing. I also have an “edible image” printer, with which I can print any photo

or image onto icing and place it on the cake.


In the last year, I have also ventured into creating "sculpted" cake toppers using cereal treats.


All of my cakes are made with fresh ingredients including farm fresh eggs.


The Caker's Credo (from cakecentral.com)

A cake is not just flour and water.

If you mix flour and water you get glue.


The miracle of cake is that you take the glue,

add eggs and sugar, and you get cake.


Where did the glue go you ask?

You know very well where it went.


It's what makes the cake stick to your hips.


One should be willing to pay at least as much for the cake

as one is going to pay for the gym membership

that will help remove it from one's hips.  :)


Feel free to contact me with questions or comments!


- Chris